Katy Perry - 07 - The One That Got Away.mp3

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 dAM hAVENtt bEEN N DiiS SHiiEtt N LiiKE fO EvvA :o hA WEll yEE ThhANx fOR PASiiN Byy Ndd ShhOWiiN sUM lOVE dROP Uhh COmmENtt Ndd dONtt WOrrY dEY WONtt COME OUtt N PUBLiiC(: SO yEE hEhE Ndd WEll Yuuh MiiTE NOtt See AlOtt bUtt ii hAVE DiiS fOR KNW Ndd WEll LiiL bY LiiL iiL Add mORE tEhhE fOR dEE MEAN WiiLE iiNjOY^.<3

dROP YuuhR lOVE<3

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